Boys Gone Wild

Today is my son's 9th bday, and this weekend was his party. When I say it was crazy, I'm not even kidding.

He had a bowling party with 19 of his closest friends. (the kid likes to socialize) Then, a handful came over after for a sleepover. I had to limit it to a handful for my own sanity, and thank the Lord I did! Those boys were monsters! We had decided to 'wrap' or 'TP' some houses. Of course, I alerted the moms just so they'd know and not freak out.

Here's what I learned from the experience: throwing toilet paper in the air is like a drug to boys. They went nuts, especially the oldest boy who happened to also be the tallest with the longest arms. They threw those rolls with all their strength. The higher, the better. I had to practically tear them away from each house. And then, when we got home, they were wired. I don't even know what time they went to bed, if they did at all.

So, was the party a success? According to my son and his friends, it was the best party ever. The only drawback will be the payback. I know we're gonna get it, and get it big time!