Top Agent Blogs

The GLA Blog, authored by super awesome Chuck Sambuchino, listed the top 5 Agent Blogs for 2010. I subscribe to all of them, and I absolutely agree that they rock. Click here to read his blog, and see below for his list.

1. Chip MacGregor
2. Dystel & Goderich Literary Management
3. KidLit
4. Nathan Bransford
5. Rachelle Gardner

Not only do I get good tips and advice from these blogs, but they also keep me in the know. If you want to be a writer, you gotta do more than just sit at the computer and type. You need to know the industry, know the trends, see what's up with your peers.

Today I went to the book fair at my kids' school. It was so cool to see some of those books and say, "Hey, I know the agent for that book, I read their blog." It makes me feel one step closer to finding my own agent.

Below are some other agent blogs that I absolutely love. Check em out!

1. Scott Eagan
2. Jessica Faust
3. Jill Corcoran
4. Kristin Nelson
5. Kate Shafer Testerman

What agent blogs do you read?