The Universe is Messing with Me!

(Note: the above is not my kitchen, but may as well have been!)

I love my house, but hate my kitchen! So, I decided to remodel. The job was supposed to have started and finished last month. But alas, the universe found out that I had signed up for NaNoWriMo and decided to mess with me.

Instead of starting on my kitchen last month, the builder couldn't start until this month. And then, everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I will spare you the gory details on that one, but will say that not having a kitchen sink for over a week really bites. Really, really, bites. But it seems like the worst is over, and if all goes well, my kitchen should be finished tomorrow!! Hooray! 

So what to do with Nano? Even though I won't meet my goal, I'm NOT throwing in the towel. My plan is to write full steam ahead as soon as I'm able. (Looks like I can focus on writing Friday!)

What about you? Did you sign up for Nano? If so, how's it going?

Rose GarciaComment