All About the Hunger Games!

Oh yes... the Hunger Games movie is FINALLY here! The entire Moriarty gang is EXCITED! And yes, we are going to the movie today after school. I just hope, REALLY HOPE, it doesn't disappoint. 

Case in point, I LOVED the Percy Jackson books. My entire family devoured them. And then when we saw that a movie was being made, we were thrilled! I still remember sitting in the theater and seeing the trailer for the first time. Cute Percy Jackson, in the elevator, the numbers blinking so fast because he was going to the top of the elevator at lightning speed-- WOW! My body covered in goose bumps!

And then came the movie. Okay, I admit, I did like the movie. But COULDN'T BELIEVE HOW DIFFERENT IT WAS FROM THE BOOK!!! UGH!!!  I'm not talking a few changes here and there, I'm talking way different.

You know what I mean.

So tonight, as I stand in line with my husband, my kids, and their friends, I will pray the movie doesn't disappoint. And that Katniss and Peeta are as awesome as I always hoped they'd be!