Meet the Amazing Lorna Suzuki

When I first started tweeting around three years ago or so, I "met" Lorna Suzuki, a fellow writer. She often retweeted my tweets, would send me encouraging messages, and was just all-around super nice. And you know the saying, good things happen to good people. Well, good things are happening for Lorna!

Check this out, her Imago fantasy series is currently in full-scale motion picture production with Toronto based studio Serendipity Films. She was recently interviewed about her movie deal by Jonathan Gunson. Click here to read the article. Oh, and did I mention she's an indie author? And did I mention that even though she's "famous" she's still the same super sweet person? Yeah, I like people like that. =)

I'm so happy for Lorna. If anyone wants to give her a shout out, her twitter handle is @LornaSuzuki



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