Blog Grand Reopening, featuring a publishing deal!

I've been thinking about my blog a lot lately and how I needed to blog more. Some of the things I've been contemplating: How often should I blog? How should I blend my writerly news with the happenings of my day-to-day life? Would my readers tune-in? How should I kick-off my blog after a long absence?

And then, BAM! The fates answered!! (They answered the last question, that is. lol). I have news to share!! I've signed a publishing deal with Ang'dora Productions to write a novella in their Havenwood Falls Shared World program!!

So, what exactly is Havenwood Falls? It's a quaint little town in Colorado that serves as a safe haven for supernatural beings. The shared world program includes Young Adult and Adult, spanning from squeaky clean to knee-weakening erotica. So basically, select authors will bring their characters into this world to interact with the residents of Havenwood Falls. Neat, huh? The Young Adult series is called Havenwood Falls High, and that's where I will publish in December, 2018. I'm super excited to bring my characters Infiniti and Fleet from The Transhuman Chronicles into this world in a spin-off story of their very own!  

To keep in touch with me, keep following this blog! You can also subscribe to my newsletter HERE. Havenwood Falls also has an online book club you can join HERE. I promise, you'll love the world! 

Also, stay tuned for First Life! A Transhuman Chronicles prequel scheduled for release this fall!! 

Havenwood Falls Book Club.jpg