Finding Infiniti Releases TODAY!!

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Hey, everyone! I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while, but the last few months have been a WHIRLWIND! April and May were filled with end-of-the-year activities for my son's high school senior year, plus my annual Comicpalooza book event was in May. June was filled with family vacay and then recuperating from family vacay. (You know what I mean!) And now it's July! I often say time flies, but these last few months have been ridiculous! Please tell me I'm not the only one that feels that way, lol.

But enough about that! What I really want to share with y’all is that FINDING INFINITI RELEASES TODAY!!! I’m SO excited! Finding Infiniti is the sequel to Saving Infiniti. Check out the blurb below!

He'd been searching for Infiniti since winter break, and still hadn't found her. (2).png

The highly anticipated sequel to Saving Infiniti is here!
Will Joe find Infiniti? Or is she lost to him forever?

Joe Greg has reunited with his soul mate Infiniti Clausman only to lose her in a cruel twist of fate. Separated by time and space—and a memory ward that has wiped him from her mind—he vows to do whatever he can to find her, but so far nothing has worked. Believing he’ll never be able to see her again, he starts losing all sense of himself. Worse than that, he can’t shake the growing feeling that Infiniti’s life is in danger...again.

Infiniti Clausman is trying to make the most of summer, but something isn’t quite right. She feels like she’s stuck, as if she can’t move on, as if she’s missing something or someone. She dismisses the sensation, calling it a case of the graduation blues, but when her psychic neighbor tells her about a quantum event that’s been happening since the Cold Moon last December, Infiniti can’t ignore the feelings any longer.

Soul mates separated. Memories forgotten. Time slipping. Joe must find Infiniti before it’s too late—or he might lose her again, this time for good.

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