Saving Infiniti: A Final Life Series spinoff in the Havenwood Falls world

Saving Infiniti: A Final Life Series spinoff in the Havenwood Falls world


Saving Infiniti is a Final Life Series spinoff set in the Havenwood Falls world. Saving Infiniti is a novella.

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On holiday in Colorado, she crashes into the supernatural world—and then falls through time. He wants to help her, but doing so means losing the one thing his wolf needs.

Infiniti Clausman is making the most of senior year. Throwing parties, pulling pranks, and breaking all the rules, she’s determined to graduate with a bang! But there’s one thing on her senior year bucket list she hasn’t been able to cross off yet—falling in love. In fact, she’s never even been kissed.

Infiniti hopes to change this when she travels from Houston to Colorado for the holiday break. Instead, she finds her world turned upside down when she discovers all things supernatural exist, time travel is real, and her very life is at stake. Suddenly, that kiss is the least of her worries. 

Joe Greg will never forget the injured girl he and Kase Kasun found on the side of the mountain. It was 2012, and he was only twelve, but the image of the wreckage and his interaction with the girl has never left him. When he sees the girl again in 2018, she looks exactly the same. He figures out that she’s time-traveled to his present, with a reaper on her heels and a mystery to unravel. Drawn to protect her, he’s hell-bent on standing by her side. Even if it means his death.